Our Process

If you haven’t written or updated your CV for some time then you may find our 10 tips helpful.


Keep it simple, short and to the point – no CV should be longer than 2 pages.


Don’t make the pages too wordy and writing shouldn’t be too small.


Include your name, contact details, a short profile is optional, work experience with key achievements, education and training. Hobbies and interests are optional but not necessary unless they have a direct link to the job you are applying for.


Tailor your CV for the job you apply for. This makes it easier for the person reading your CV to see the relevant skills and experience you have.


Have a written tone that is really ‘you’ – don’t fill your CV with cliché terms such as ‘I am a highly experienced professional’.


Avoid long descriptions of your previous jobs, recruiters want to know what you have done and the impact that you have had.


Be honest - if you put it in your CV expect to be asked a question on it.


Avoid any gaps in your CV – if you weren’t working for any period of time, state why.


Proof read – or ask someone to read through it for you.


Save it and remember to keep it up to date.